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Lorianne M., Chestnut Hill, MA

Project: Residential Interior Design

"I recently moved from a lifetime in California into a quintessentially Brookline 1930's brick tudor colonial.  It has good bones and I was able to rehabilitate it from an outdated 80's remodel by re-doing all the walls and floors.  The house was still lacking warmth and personalization - it felt sterile and unwelcoming.  I have collected art and handcrafted furniture for decades.  I hired a decorator who wanted to throw everything out and start from scratch. This left me feeling deeply sad and defeated.  Eugenie came recommended to me as someone who would work with my own belongings to create a beautiful space.  This was a huge understatement!  What Eugenie did was take the time to understand why I treasured my pieces, their history in my life and what they meant to me.  She then put incredible energy into finding just the perfect placement for each piece of art and furniture that I loved while eliminating things that didn't work and weren't important to me.  We still needed one large rug for the music room (the heart of our home).  She helped me sort through dozens of rugs until we found just the perfect piece to compliment a Steinway piano and bring out the beauty of the new expensive curtains that hadn't worked in the room until that rug brought them to life.


Eugenie is incredibly generous with her time spending endless hours searching for design solutions and sending detailed emails to keep the entire project on track and in logical order.  She works with the best installers I have ever met -they hang every piece in your house as if it were a Picasso.  I love my home and it keeps getting better and better with every new stage Eugenie and I undertake.  Last but not least, Eugenie is one of the nicest people I have met!  I look forward to working with Eugenie for years to come!"



Cindy Larkin, Director of Human Resources & Office Administration, DESSANGE Group – North America,  Cummings Center, Beverly, MA

Project: Corporate Interior Design

From the very first meeting, it quickly became quite clear how considerate, perceptive and patient Eugenie could be when dealing with a variety of personalities.  We didn’t give her much direction however with just a few brochures and the internet, she was able to understand and interpret our vision.  She designed and decorated our new large corporate office space that encompassed and conveyed all three of our brands beautifully.  The whole process was organized, scheduled, and the end result -  très chic.


Eugenie focused on all of the details I would have definitely neglected.  She pulled off some magic, using her contacts to create and deliver outstanding and unique pieces of artwork.  Eugenie worked diligently coming up with ideas that suited the look and feel we wanted, and was extremely patient while there were many, many last minute changes.  We had a hard deadline and I personally could have not have achieved it without her.   Everyone is delighted with the results and our guests walk in and say 'magnifique'; just the expression we were looking to achieve.  Click here to view images and a detailed description of this project.



Rebecca Wholley Dawson, Essex, MA

Project: Residential Interior Design
What sets Eugenie Roy apart from other interior designers is her absolute gift of creating surroundings that truly reflect the lives and dreams of the people who live in them.  Not only does she identify a theme or a colorway or a certain feel in a home and then build around it; she meditates on who the people are, and then weaves in elements of color, fabric, placement and flow. The result is a space that is warm and inviting, but also anecdotal, thought-provoking, and filled with context, meaning, and understatement.  

We had a general sense of the "style" of our home and the things that we liked when we met Eugenie, but she brought out our innermost hopes and needs and really worked with them, all the while respecting the architecture and era in which our home was built.  We trusted her interior design skills so implicitly that when it was time to think about renovating our home, we invited her to be part of the process, and she did so with skill, sensitivity, and respect.  Working with the architect and with us, she used her own drafting and space designing skills, coupled with her expertise in landscape design, to present options and opportunities we had not otherwise considered for ourselves, but which seemed so natural and perfect when we saw them.  She raised questions and brought up issues that enhanced the beauty and utility of our addition, and worked seamlessly with all of us with diplomacy and elegance.  

In my experience, it is very rare to find the unique combination of skill, flair, design sense, respectfulness, and capabilities that Eugenie possesses.  She brings her heart and soul to every project, and in so doing, allows the hearts and souls of those whose spaces she enhances to shine through in their surroundings.

Chris Benoit, President and COO of Enzymatics, Inc., Cummings Center, Beverly, MA  

Project: Corporate Interior Design
Every day I walk into my corporate headquarters and smile at the artistry, warmth, and humanism Eugenie Roy brought to the project of designing our office space.  Eugenie faced many difficult challenges in working with us as a rapidly growing biotechnology start-up; over the course of a year she designed, sourced, and laid-out a total of nearly 30,000 square feet of office space.  Displaying patience, an exquisite eye for artful design, and impeccable attention to detail, Eugenie delivered a space that we are so proud of that we have, on more than one occasion, invited strangers off the street in to view the space, its artwork, and style.  Eugenie has created a space that mirrors our culture and drives a healthy company spirit.  I am thrilled with her work and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Susan White, Administrator, The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm, Beverly, MA

Project: Move Coordination and Management
I have known Eugenie Roy for the past ten years as a parent, volunteer and contractor at our school and it is my pleasure to recommend her.  

In 2010, Eugenie was hired by our school to be our Move Manager when we purchased and renovated a building. 

In this capacity Eugenie worked with the administration to form a plan for a smooth transition of our school, as we moved during the school year.  Her vast experience, her attention to detail and her warm working manner were instrumental in making this a positive experience for everyone involved.  She also worked with individual teachers on the layout of each classroom, which included a multitude of details.  At each step of the way she listened intently to each person's needs and was able to help them realize their vision.  Eugenie is extremely adept at listening to the desires of others and helping them reach their goals, offering information and guidance to help them make better informed decisions.  

Eugenie was very resourceful throughout the process, and worked closely with the transition team.  This resulted in a very efficient process.  She oversaw the move and ensured that every last detail was completed.  Nothing was left undone that Eugenie did not attend to.  She went far beyond what was asked of her, volunteering her time to help the administrative staff create beautiful and professional offices, and lending guidance on color, fabric choices, window treatments, furniture selection and more.

One of her greatest qualities is the warmth and openness that she brings to each relationship.  She truly listens to clients' needs and stays with them until they are fully satisfied with the results.  Her follow-through is excellent.  

I can't imagine a more talented and responsive person to work with.  Eugenie exceeded my expectations in all areas.   I highly recommend Eugenie Roy, and am happy to speak with you should you like further information.

Susan White, Administrator
The Waldorf School at Moraine Farm



Alexandra Stockwell, Hamilton, MA

Project: Residential Interior Design
I don't think I can put into words the delight that it is to work with Eugenie.  The process itself is pleasant, nicely paced, and purposeful.  The result is that I know better who I am and my home expresses that to all who enter and live in it.


It was a treat to identify who I am and who we are as a family, with Eugenie's assistance, and to then see that reflected and expressed so wonderfully in our surroundings.  Eugenie took her impressions of us, and what we shared about who we are, and translated that into the most wonderful color scheme and decor choices.  I came to understand myself better as a result of the process, and I feel completely in love with my Hamilton home--as does my whole family.

Eugenie made sure each room had a unique and wonderful feeling that was in harmony with its function.  She also made sure that the flow throughout our home, from one room to the next and any hallways between, was beautifully coordinated. I have come to appreciate Eugenie's work even more as a result of moving from the home she decorated.  While we lived there, she made sure colors and textures coordinated with one another, and the result of that is that all of our furniture works in the two homes we have subsequently lived in.  In each place we had different pieces in our living room, but each time we set it up everything we placed in each room worked wonderfully with everything else in it.

We fondly refer to Eugenie as "Eugenius" in honor of her genius--her gifts and her professionalism and her knowledge and how she combines them in service of her clients.  I have referred many friends to Eugenie, and whether they have consulted her about one room or an entire house, they have always appreciated their work with her and come to love their homes more than they ever imagined possible as a result of implementing her recommendations.
Rodd Stockwell, MD, Middleton, MA

Project: Commercial Interior Design of Medical Office
Eugenie took the time to understand my needs and the needs of my patients.  She made sure that my office decor was in alignment with my marketing materials and that both my patients and I would feel good in the space.  She created the perfect environment for my medical practice and did so within the constraints of a very specific budget.  Hiring Eugenie was an excellent investment!

Barbara Shaw, Danvers and Boxford, MA

Projects: Home Staging for Real Estate Sale and Interior Design of New Residence
We first met Eugenie when we were selling our home of 30 years and needed help in editing and staging the contents.  I was apprehensive about using an "interior decorator" but Eugenie soon put my fears at rest with her irresistible personality.  She carried us through the process with boundless energy and enthusiasm that never wavered.  The outcome was a fresh and inviting home with re-imagined spaces that sold in 4 weeks in a very slow market.

After seeing the results of her professional eye and great color sense, we asked her to advise us on wall colors and placement of our furnishings in our new home.  This made the move-in much easier with no rearranging necessary.  She was also the source of some great referrals for subcontractors and offered us coupons for closet organizing systems.  

When we decided to redecorate the living room and entry hall, Eugenie spent endless hours helping us decide on tile, paint colors and furniture.  She is extremely generous with her time and fun to be with, as well as very patient in helping you realize your own vision of the space.
Eugenie will never try to intimidate you with her own knowledge or skills but will help you realize what it is you want to achieve in a space.  She will offer as much or as little assistance as you desire, with a smile.  She is meticulous, hard working and such a joy to work with that you will wish that your project would never end!

Lisa Crowley, Ipswich and Marblehead, MA

Projects: Home Staging for Real Estate Sale and Interior Design of New Residence
I was most impressed with Eugenie's dedication to understanding what I wanted.  She listened to me, asked me questions about my lifestyle and my thoughts on existing pieces and tirelessly looked at pictures until she captured my vision.

I worked with Eugenie on two separate projects at the same time.  She staged a house I was selling while decorating my new home. My entire new home. She helped me make an overwhelming challenge manageable and yes, even fun.

Her kindness, sunny disposition and ability to understand me were just what I needed. Eugenie had the patience to work with my two young teenagers to help set up their rooms. Both of them felt respected and heard.   

And she nailed it.  We love the spaces she created in our new home. She was committed to staying within the budget and presented me lots of options of doing so.

Along the way she taught me tips and tricks for keeping my home in order.  Be sure to ask her about the basket at the end of the day.

I cannot recommend her more highly.  If you get the chance to work with her, don't miss it.

Dan Butin, Beverly, MA

Project: Residential Color Consultation
Eugenie Roy's eye for detail, her focus, and her presence made the process of redoing our home a truly wonderful experience with a really beautiful end result. She truly listened to our vision, saw what was needed, and turned our ideas into a beautiful reality. Thank you!

Emily Sinagra, Gloucester, MA

Project: Residential Interior Design
Eugenie Roy did not just decorate our house. Instead, she led us on a journey of self discovery and healing. Our house was transformed from a chaotic structure that was an obstacle to our happiness into a nurturing, supportive home. She was intuitive and respectful of our idiosyncrasies. She helped us discover and articulate what we wanted. She listened to all the members of the family. The colors we finally chose and the pieces of furniture we now have in the house are deeply personal and reflect our family in a way that I never could have imagined before. She was able to recognize aspects of our personalities and our particular family dynamic and translate them into color, fabric and furniture. The flow of the house has improved due to her recommending the removal of some interior walls. Her space planning expertise and ability to work seamlessly with our contractors resulted in new spaces that showcase her impeccable attention to detail, from built-in bookcases and decorative moulding to specialty lighting. People remark on the "feeling" and the "warmth" when they come over to the house, our home.

Brenda Derby, Principal, B.L. Rogers, Northborough and Billerica, MA

Projects: Residential Interior Design and Commercial Showroom Layout and Design
We hired "Room with a Muse" principal designer Eugenie Roy to redesign our living room, and she was delightful to work with from start to finish. She took our very ordinary living room and transformed it into a sophisticated, comfortable living space in the style we were looking for. Eugenie effortlessly blended our family treasures with new purchases (which we made with her guidance) to make them work together harmoniously.

Her special touches created a warm and inviting space where we love to entertain our family and friends. Eugenie's expertise ranges from color consultations to space planning to materials selection.  It made things easy to only have to hire one person to do the entire job. We feel very lucky to have found her and highly recommend her design services for any home or commercial project.

I also hired Eugenie to design the layout for our Permanent Showroom in Billerica for B.L.Rogers. We gave her a 3,000 square-foot, L-shaped room to develop into our commercial showplace. The job entailed carpet choices, lighting, display lay out, color selections for the walls and designing an inviting flow pattern to the room. B.L.Rogers was thrilled with the results.

Brigid & Bruce Bolduc, Danvers, MA

Project: Residential Color Consultation
Working with Eugenie Roy of Room with a Muse was truly a pleasurable experience!  She was patient and thoughtful.  She was able to listen to my thoughts as well as my husband's, which slightly differ, and synergize all of our ideas into a cohesive color design for our home that we both love! I would use Room for a Muse again with out a doubt! The experience and final outcome- beautiful colors for my home that I could not have selected on my own - is absolutely worth the investment! We are delighted with her work!

Chris Crowley, Beverly, MA

Project: Residential Interior Design
Eugenie helped me when I made the decision to get a new place.  It was on the ocean, with lots of sunlight, and I was happy there but it needed some love.  I liked the existing yellow walls, and had two red couches from a previous home, and she respected and worked with my choices. I wanted a "contemporary" look, but she showed me that with a more traditional rug, a couple of classic new furniture pieces, and some great artwork, it could be more interesting and home-like as well as contemporary, while still being clean and uncluttered.  She used other furnishings that I had brought with me to create comfortable, cozy spaces for my children as well, and engaged them in the process so that they felt included and important.   

Eugenie made me realize that having somebody with an eye who can make some changes for you can really be beneficial when you're not sure what to do.  She puts her whole self into her work, and I'm grateful to her for helping me through a new stage in life.  And when I moved again, everything still blended together beautifully in my new home as well, which is a real testament to her talent and know-how.  

Claire and Dan Wholley, Gloucester, MA

Project: Residential Color Consultation
Choosing colors - without help - for all the walls of our new home was daunting.  The hardware stores presented bushels of little chips of shades of every hue to wade through with uncertainty.  Add the variables of light effects, and adjoining room compatibilities, and reusing our same furniture to the dilemma.  No wonder we procrastinated.

Enter Eugenie Roy, and room resolutions reigned!!  In her respectful, congenial manner Eugenie listened to us describe how we use our spaces.  She considered the furniture we have, and the ways window light is emitted.  She brought special professional colors and held up large samples for us to experience directly on site.  Eugenie applied her considerable experience, expertise and insightful aesthetic sense to point out how one shade of a color was superior in each setting.  She patiently and expertly committed to getting colors and tones complimentary to the people in our home and the larger palette of the complete area, as well as what would contribute to our general wellbeing and also flow harmoniously throughout the spaces.
She compiled all our final choices onto an archive-quality flowchart of the chosen color samples arranged to illustrate the smooth transitions of color from area to area.  Each color sample was carefully labeled with the name of the color and its number, for easy ordering of quality paint from the regular paint store. The chart was perfect for us to use for our paint project, and it is a valuable resource for future reference.  
Two years later we continue to be delighted with our wall, woodwork trim, and entry door colors, and with all the compliments we receive from visitors.  Our home environment is a pleasing melody of colors flowing from space to space.  We believe the colors Eugenie guided us to discover promote a healthy and happy living environment just right for us. We so enjoyed the sublime experience of working with the talented and congenial Eugenie Roy.

Jeannette McGinn, Volunteer Coordinator, Habitat for Humanity of the North Shore, Peabody, MA

Project: Color Consultation
Eugenie Roy provided an amazing gift to four Habitat for Humanity families.  While their homes were still under construction, Eugenie met with each family individually and discussed paint colors.   Bridging cultural diversity and language barriers, Eugenie created a color palette for each home that addressed challenging issues:  color choices in children's bedrooms that grow with the family and color selections for open floor plans where kitchen, dining and living areas are combined.  The result of her work is a beautiful complimentary spectrum of atmospheric colors that create a pleasant, livable space and enhance each other.  

As you can imagine, each family's approach to choosing colors was different.  One family was ready to paint everything white for simplicity.  Another family expressed interest in deeply saturated colors.  However, with Eugenie's guidance, patience and creative eye for color, talking together, the families ultimately chose a variety of timeless and sophisticated colors for their new homes.


Eugenie also worked well with our suppliers and volunteers. She utilized the floor plans for each of the four homes and clearly indicated where each color was to be painted.  These annotated floor plans were extremely helpful to both the paint store donating the paint and the site supervisor coordinating the volunteers.   Eugenie was a pleasure to work with and considerate of personal taste.  Not only would I highly recommend her services, but I look forward to working with Eugenie on future projects.  Eugenie, thank you for sharing your time and talent with our families.   Your kindness goes way beyond choosing colors.

Marianne Murphy and Robin Taliesin, Marblehead, MA

Project: Home Staging for Real Estate Sale
"When we went to sell our home, we wanted to try and sell it ourselves. We knew we needed help with staging, so we called Room with a Muse. Eugenie went through room by room, and with a remarkable eye for design and staging, she transformed each one at a time. She was able to identify our home's strengths and weaknesses and decorated accordingly. Whether it was moving a piece of furniture or placement of a rug, every change made the rooms look bigger, brighter, and better.  When we put the house on the market, it sold in two weeks for asking price! Working with Eugenie was one of the very best decisions we made! Thanks, Eugenie!"

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